Versatile Blogger Award

I was incredibly surprised and very honoured to receive the VBA today. I hadn’t expected it at all and this makes me very proud… I have grown to love writing over time and I even manage to write articles without being incensed! It has enabled me to vent my frustration on topics, share my opinions and given me a constructive hobby which may yet lead to a career in some form of journalism…

Firstly, I would like to give my thanks to Stephen from for nominating me for this award… he says he is eager to have a journalistic career and I share such an ambition… his blog is very well written and tackles a niche area of the blogging  world very effectively. Thank you Stephen. (He can also be found on Twitter)

For my writing to be considered good enough for such an award is very pleasing to hear and I shall do my best to maintain my blog well.

Now, to continue and abide by the VBA rules (Found Here) I will now convey 7 things about myself before nominating 15 other people (or as many as I can manage):

1. I am a Law Student but I don’t want to follow a career in Law as so many assume – I’d love to follow a career in diplomacy taking part in high profile discussions on behalf of the UK, either within the UN or in a foreign embassy… however, I think an interesting alternative would be to pursue a career in foreign journalism

2. My dream ambition is to be an actor (theatre not film) and I may just go for it and have a stab at establishing an acting career for myself… I have performed in a number of plays and musicals in my life and I’m hoping to build on that over the next few years if I get the time and/or successful at audition!

3. I’m very interested in Politics… and I couldn’t do this without mentioning politics – therefore I’ll take this opportunity to urge you to vote for the Liberal Democrats… ;) I have thought about being a politician, whilst I find the prospect interesting, I am set on having another career beforehand as I think a politician is better off having experienced normal life first

4. I have been blogging for just over a year now… in that time I have had three blogs (this being the third), I’ve written guest articles for two collaborative sites and I’ve set up which is set to grow… (so, if you want to get involved… get in touch!)

5. I love to travel and I have been to all sorts of places… New York, Madagascar, India, Portugal, Germany, France, Belgium and I’m planning to make this list longer… I’ve set my sights on South America, in particular Peru, also hoping to visit China, Russia and so many more countries…

6. Food is also a passion, I may not be adventurous with savoury food but no-one has a sweet tooth like mine!!

7. I’m a very confident and outgoing person, but I love making connections with people and getting to know more about them. I have made friends with lots of people via twitter who I have never met in person… this is one of the greatest things about the internet. While I hope we may meet in the future, it is an amazing opportunity the internet gives us… if you are reading this and I don’t know you… please do get in touch :) I’m friendly and I don’t bite…
So, now for my nominations….

(I’ll do my best to find 15!!)

1. Morgan G D

Very well written, informative and engaging blog about a range of issues… and of course approached from a wonderful political perspective ;)

2. Spidey

A brilliant blog, recently accessed on a massive scale due to her excellent summary of the #freethebexleyone saga… definitely one to watch… good luck with the job hunting and the council election!

3.  Laura-Rose Saunders

My partner in crime for – she writes very well and her personal blog is very engaging and insightful into a range of interesting, unique and often quirky events/thoughts…

4. Stephen Tall

A well written blog with some insightful contributions to political debate… and he is of course a liberal!

5. Tristan Pithers

A recent phenomena in the political world with his recent ‘defection’ or as I prefer to call it… ‘a realignment of priorities’ moving from Labour to the Liberal Democrats… may many more follow his example… an interesting and engaging read

6. Jordan Bishop

An aspiring journalist… I hope to keep in touch with him (he might just prove a useful contact for me when I try my hand at a career in journalism in the future!) and his writing is very good, strong style, well argued and engaging…

7. Victoria Monro

An amazing writer, eloquent, well researched and just generally amazing… a wonderful person and a brilliant writer – nuff said… one to keep an eye on!! (She’s also one of my best friends… )

8. Richard Flowers

An interesting, quirky approach to politics. A lovely blog, engaging content.

9.  Duncan Reynolds and Lise McNally

A brilliant concept… much like the aims of – its good to see such a strong community of writers with well argued opinion pieces…

10. Alisa

Alisa is a lovely person and her blog lives up to this… engaging and humorous blog detailing quirky/weird incidents in her day to day life… I have on occasion laughed out loud!

11. Ben Langan

A well written blog… engaging, topical and definitely one to follow.

12. Andrew Emmerson

Again, a Liberal Democrat perspective on politics… strongly argued and well written articles…

13. Tom Scholes-Fogg

Interesting blog… a source for a different perspective on the political situation

14. Liz Fisher

Whilst I don’t always agree with everything, the blog provides a wonderful new perspective to life and very engaging writing… I often read out of interest and for enjoyment…

15. Milly B

An interesting legal perspective on topical issues… gave an interesting alternative viewpoint on the #freethebexleyone saga… definitely highly recommended for any lawyers or law students

EVERYONE nominated above… if you read this please note I would be delighted if you were to join the team at Voices… go here to find out more info… 
So, I’d like to thank Stephen once again, and would like to pass my congratulations to all those who I have nominated for the award…

When you accept, as I’m sure you will all be eager to do – please go to to find all the rules  of the process…

All the Best…

Btw – if you would like to comment on my nominations, or even on my blog itself then please do post a comment below… receiving comments makes blogging more worth it!! See my post on blogging ;)

Edward :)

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